3m x 3m Golf Baffle Net with PVC Banded Edge

Golf baffle net with PVC banded edges and eyelets across the top edge. Suitable for use with golf cages, can be installed indoors and outdoors.

Made in the UK.

Manufacture time is approx 20-25 days

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3m x 3m Golf Baffle Net

Our golf baffle netting is ideal for use with golf practice cages to create a safe environment for practice, preventing golf balls from injuring players inside

Our archery grade baffle netting uses the same premium close mesh sheet material as our archery backstop netting, ensuring high impact resistance and durability.

Each baffle net is finished with PVC banding around all edges and eyelets across the top edge for easy installation.

  • Pre-cut 3m x 3m lightweight golf baffle nets
  • Finished with PVC banding stitched onto all edges
  • Eyelets on the top edge at 300mm centres
  • Archery-grade baffle netting material
  • Stops golf balls rebounding off the golf cage
  • Made in the UK

Our baffle nets are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Installing Golf Baffle Netting

Install the golf baffle net securely along the top of the cage and let the material loosely fall or hang so that it absorbs the impact of the golf ball.  

*We recommend a 40% allowance on the width of all archery nets when being used to catch arrows.

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