Archery Netting

Archery Netting

Archery Nets

Edwards Sports archery nets are made using professional-grade materials and are designed to provide maximum protection when shooting. Order for your club today!

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Archery Netting for Clubs, Sports Facilities, Schools & More

We know how important safety is when it comes to archery, and our archery netting provides maximum protection for both the archer and their equipment.

Our range includes various archery net options and all the necessary supports and fixings you need to secure your nets properly. They're ideal for professional and amateur archery ranges, as well as general sports facilities and schools where archery is practised.

Archery Backstop Netting & Baffle Nets

Edwards' archery backstop netting and baffle nets are manufactured using high-quality close-woven nylon that absorbs the impact of arrows, preventing ricochets and injury.

All our netting offers true archery-grade resistance, with strength and resilience, that can be used both indoors and outdoors. They're designed with PVC banding across all the net edges and eyelets along the top, allowing for easy installation.

We manufacture our archery backstop nets in-house, so we're able to create bespoke sizes as per your requirements.

Archery Net Supports & Fixings

Along with our high-quality netting, we also supply all the net supports and fixings you need to correctly set up your archery backstops.

Our range includes net poles, tensioned steel wire and releasable cable ties, so you can create the perfect setup for your archery range.

If you need any support installing our nets, please do get in touch, and we'll be happy to help.

Order your archery netting online at Edwards Sports today.


What is the Best Backstop for Archery Arrows?

Edwards Sports' archery backstop and baffle nets are the best choice to stop arrows safely. All of our net solutions are made to archery-grade standards with close-woven mesh nylon, which absorbs the impact of arrows and prevents them from ricocheting.

Do I Need a Backstop for Archery?

Yes, all facilities where archery is practised should have an archery backstop system in place, otherwise, arrows can bounce back and cause serious injury to shooters.

What is Archery Netting Made Of?

Edwards Sports' archery netting is made from close-woven nylon with hemmed and reinforced edges. This material is excellent at absorbing the impact of arrows and is designed to last for many years.

How Do You Hang an Archery Net?

Archery nets will need to be hung on an aluminium trackway or tensioned steel wire. The eyelets on the top edge of the net will need to be attached to the trackway or wire, with some sag left in the netting.