Badminton & Volleyball Nets

Badminton & Volleyball Nets

Badminton & Volleyball Netting

Are you looking to set up a top-notch badminton or volleyball court for your members or students? We craft and supply professional-quality badminton and volleyball nets for clubs, schools, and academies worldwide. Available in various styles and sizes, including Professional, Standard, and Olympic. Order online or enquire today.

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Volleyball & Badminton Nets Made in the UK

Our range of badminton and volleyball nets make the perfect addition to your court – including schools, sports centres, and high-profile venues.

We manufacture these nets in-house using our professional-quality polyethylene mesh, offering unmatched durability and strength to last your members season after season. Both our badminton and volleyball nets are available in a variety of standard and professional styles, so you can opt for the one that best suits your level of court and get the most from your game.

Badminton Nets for Professionals & Amateurs

If you need a new badminton net to set up a court or to replace a worn one on your existing court, our badminton nets are the best solution.

Our Professional Badminton Net with PVC Headband is excellent for both practice sessions and competitions in pro clubs, leisure centres, and schools. Manufactured using our signature knotless polyethylene mesh, this badminton net is durable enough to withstand frequent us, and the PVC headband provides further protection from wear and tear.

We also manufacture a Red Badminton Net with Nylon Headband, made from knotted polypropylene and available in 3 width options at a standard height of 0.76m. It’s also suitable for all levels of play, so it’s a great universal choice. Each edge is secured by strong white cord stitching to reduce the risk of mesh breakage and general wear and tear to keep you playing for longer.

Volleyball Nets for Practice & Professional Play

We also offer volleyball nets made from the same quality as our badminton range. These are available in Practice, Standard, Superior, and Olympic styles, depending on your club level.

Our Olympic-style 3mm Volleyball Net is perfect for high-level professional play. The top-of-the-line 3mm braided polyethene netting is durable enough for powerful hits. This net also features reinforced side pockets for dowels and is finished with a high-quality PVC headband.

For those all-important practice sessions, our Approved Practice 2mm Volleyball Net is the ideal choice. Made from our 2mm braided polyethene netting and machine-reinforced around the edges, this net is durable and weather-resistant. The PVC headband features a plastic-coated wire headline to help it withstand hours of practice.

Browse our great range of volleyball and badminton nets today – order online or enquire through our team.

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Are your Badminton Nets Suitable for Both Professional & Amateur Play?

Absolutely, our badminton nets are suitable for all levels of play. We provide a range of approved nets, from those designed for high-level professional matches to those perfect for practice sessions or amateur play.

How Does the PVC Headband Enhance the Performance of the Badminton Net?

The PVC headband prevents fraying and general wear and tear, prolonging the life of your badminton net. It also gives the net a professional-looking finish.

Can Badminton & Volleyball Nets Be Used Outdoors?

Our badminton and volleyball nets are manufactured for indoor use and for fitting on indoor net posts.

Do You Offer Custom Badminton Nets?

Our badminton nets come at the industry standard height of 0.76m, but you can choose from 3 different lengths: 6.1m, 6.7m, and 7.3m.