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Golf Cages & Netting Solutions

Looking for high-quality golf cages and nets to take your game to the next level? Edwards Sports golf nets and cages are ideal for courses, academies, schools and wherever else you can practice your game. Take a look at our incredible range below.

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Golf Nets Manufactured & Supplied in the UK

Our tried and tested range of golf practice nets, driving range nets, and golf protection netting has been supplied to clubs and golfers throughout the UK and Europe for many years.

We manufacture all of our golf nets in our UK factory, maintaining a consistently high level of quality throughout our process. Using durable and robust materials, our team of experienced net makers can create golf nets and cages to your exact specifications, with custom sizes available on request.

Golf Driving Range Nets

We supply various driving range nets fit for various applications, including driving range perimeter systems and ball stop netting.

These nets offer high-tenacity knotless construction that is rot-proof and weather resistant, available in a range of sizes to suit your individual requirements.

They're ideal for driving ranges located on or near busy public areas by providing a safe environment that keeps golf balls in and pedestrians out of your land.

Golf Practice Nets & Cages

Our golf practice nets and golf cages are superb for setting up on golf courses or training facilities for avid golfers to practice their golf swings.

Edwards' golf practice cages offer a secure environment for practising golf shots without fearing stray balls. With solid galvanised steel frames and high-tenacity knotless netting, our cages will withstand the toughest of weather conditions.

Similarly, our impact netting comes in various mesh sizes and is very versatile. 

Our archery-grade baffle nets are the perfect choice for golf practice cages and will endure long-term use. We even manufacture golf netting specifically for indoor use.

Order your professional golf nets online at Edwards Sports today.



How Do I Choose a Golf Net?

The golf net you'll need to select will depend on the purpose you want the netting to serve. Ball-stop and impact netting are used to contain golf balls in a specific area, like driving range perimeters.

Golf baffle nets or golf hitting nets are used to construct golf cages and for practising swings and shots of the ball. You can always contact our team for advice. .

Can You Hit Real Golf Balls into a Practice Net?

Yes, Edwards' golf practice nets are designed for use with real golf balls, allowing golfers to hone in on their skills.

How Do You Secure a Golf Net?

If you're setting up a golf cage net, you'll need to use the fixings supplied with the cage. Use the cable ties to secure netting to the frame poles, ensuring the net doesn't sag. Baffle nets should be installed with some sag, allowing the golf balls to slow down in flight.

How Do I Reduce the Bounce Back on My Golf Net?

If you're golf nets are causing the balls to rebound back, then you may have installed the netting too taught. Loosen it to create some sagging in the netting, which will slow down the balls as they pass through. Doubling up your netting can also help - use golf cage netting and baffle netting on the far end of the cage.