Pickleball Nets vs Tennis Nets

Pickleball vs tennis: what actually are the differences between these two sports? Well, the main difference is the size of the court and the height of the net.

Pickleball courts are smaller than tennis courts, and the nets are lower, making it easier to hit the ball over the net. This also makes a pickleball game faster-paced and – some might say – more exciting to play.

If you're setting up a tennis or pickleball court, you'll need to know the correct netting requirements. We've got all the answers you need below...


Pickleball Nets

Tennis Nets

36 inches high at posts

42 inches high at posts
34 inches high in the centre

36 inches high in the centre

22 feet wide (post to post)

42 feet wide (post to post


Pickleball Net Height

Pickleball nets are typically around 34 inches high in the middle of the net, 36 inches high at the posts and 22 feet wide.

They're made out of lightweight metal or plastic and usually a fine mesh that will not snag players' clothing or skin.

The netting is also typically brightly coloured to be visible against the playing surface.

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Tennis Net Height

Tennis nets come in a variety of sizes, but the most common height is 42 inches at the posts and 36 inches in the centre where the net sags, and 42 feet (or 12.8m) wide.

They are typically made from either nylon or vinyl and have a 45mm mesh netting size to ensure that balls don't pass through, and the net can absorb the impact of the ball.

The posts that hold up the net are usually made from metal or fibreglass and can be adjusted to the correct height.

More traditional tennis courts might use wooden posts to mimic the look of a classic lawn tennis court.

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How to Choose the Right Net for Your Pickleball Game

When choosing a net for pickleball, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you're setting up a new court, we've put together a few pointers to make sure you get the right net for your game.

Correct Pickleball Net Height

The first is the height of the net. Net height is typically set at 36 inches at the posts (34 inches in the centre) for men and women, although some courts may have different requirements.

Pickleball Net Material

The next thing to consider is the net material. Nets can be made from a variety of materials, including nylon, cotton, or polyester. Nylon nets are the most popular type because they are strong and durable.

Cotton nets are also popular because they absorb moisture well and are less likely to sag. Polyester nets are less popular because they tend to be less durable than other materials.

Pickleball Net Size

Finally, you'll need to consider the size of the net.

Most nets are 22 feet wide, but there are also smaller and larger nets available. 

It's important to choose a net that is the right size for your court and pickleball playing style.

Different Types of Tennis Nets

When looking to purchase a tennis net, it is important to decide what type of net will best suit your needs. There are three main types of nets: portable, in-ground, and retractable.

Portable Tennis Nets

Portable nets are the most versatile, as they can be set up and taken down easily. They are perfect for use on courts with limited space or for practising in your backyard.

However, they are not as durable as other types of nets and may not be appropriate for use in tournaments.

In-Ground Tennis Nets

In-ground nets are the most common type of tennis net and are permanently installed in the ground. This type of net is very durable and can withstand heavy use, but it is not as manoeuvrable as a portable net.

Retractable Tennis Nets

Retractable nets are a newer type of net that offers the best of both worlds – they are portable like a portable net, but they also have the durability of an in-ground net.

Retractable nets can be quickly set up and taken down, making them perfect for use at tournaments or when travelling.

5 Ways to Maintain Your Pickleball & Tennis Nets

Keeping your pickleball and tennis nets in good condition will also save you money in the long run since you won't have to worry about repeatedly replacing them.

Here are our 5 tips for doing just that:

Tips for Maintaining Pickleball & Tennis Nets

1. Inspect your nets regularly for any rips, holes, or other damage.

2. If you find any damage, repair it immediately to prevent further damage.

3. Clean your nets regularly with mild soap and water.

4. Store your nets in a cool, dry place when not in use.

5. Replace your nets every few years to ensure they are always in top condition.


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Rounding Up: The Main Differences Between Pickleball Nets vs Tennis Nets

Tennis nets are typically taller and more rigid than pickleball nets. Tennis nets also have more tension, which helps to keep them taut.

Pickleball nets are not as tall and do not need as much tension because the ball does not travel as fast or as far. The netting on a tennis net is also thicker and more tightly woven than the netting on a pickleball net.

This is because a tennis ball is harder and can cause more damage if it hits the net.

So now you know the key differences between pickleball nets and tennis nets!

If you're looking for the best netting solution for your court, be sure to check out Edwards Sports' range of pickleball and tennis nets. With our years of experience in the industry, we are sure to have the right net for you.


Can You Use a Tennis Net for Pickleball?

Yes, a tennis net can be used for pickleball. It is just a little narrower than the pickleball net and will need to be placed slightly higher off the ground to avoid interference with ball movement.

How Do You Convert a Tennis Net to Pickleball?

To use a tennis net for pickleball, you'll need to lower the height of the net. It should be 36 inches high at the posts and 34 inches in the middle where the net sags.

Can You Use a Tennis Net for Pickleball?

Tennis courts are not really designed for use with pickleball. But if you convert the tennis net and mark out the correct lines for pickleball, there is no reason why you can't play on a tennis court net for pickleball. Just be sure to use the correct size net and stakes so that the balls don't bounce off into your opponent's territory.

Can You Play Pickleball Without a Net?

No, it wouldn't really work! The net provides a boundary between the two sides of the court and helps players to hit shots in their own half. Without it, it would be hard to keep track of who is playing for which side.

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