1. Tennis Scoreboards & Scoring System Explained

    Tennis Scoreboards
    We explain how a tennis scoreboard works and how the tennis scoring system came to be.
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  2. A Portable Tennis Net Lets You Play Tennis Anywhere

    Portable Tennis Net
    A portable tennis net is a great way to get in some quality practise or play a quick game without having to go to a tennis court.
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  3. Train Like A Pro With These Tennis Training Aids

    Tennis Training Aids
    If you're serious about taking your tennis game to the next level, then you need to start training like a pro. And that means using professional-grade training aids to help you improve your skills.
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  4. The True Cost Of A Tennis Court Installation

    Tennis Court Installation
    If you’re looking to install a tennis court, have you considered the true cost of a tennis court installation? Edwards Sports investigates....
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  5. Tennis Court Dimensions & Size Guide

    Tennis Court Dimensions
    A tennis court, including clay courts, doubles courts, grass courts and indoor courts can all be different dimensions depending on many factors, such as whether it is used for doubles or singles games.
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  6. The Main Types Of Tennis Court And How To Choose The Right One

    Types Of Tennis Court
    Tennis is a popular sport that promotes fitness and provides an opportunity to compete. Having a tennis court at home, gym, or a local club can provide the opportunity to play with friends or family and improve your skills. However, there are multiple types of courts to choose from when you're looking to play tennis.
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  7. Tennis Court Sizes: Our Guide

    Tennis Court Sizing
    Tennis courts have changed a lot over the years. Courts were originally made out of hard surfaces and it wasn't until much later that grass courts came into play. The size of the courts can vary, so read on for more information.
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  8. Building A Grass Tennis Court: Our Ultimate Guide

    How To Build A Grass Tennis Court
    Having your own grass tennis court is a great way to spend some time outside with your friends, family, or even on your own. Grass courts are perfect for recreation and exercise. Lets show you how to build your very own grass tennis court!
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  9. Double vs Single Courts: Choosing the Right Option

    Double vs Single Courts
    Tennis is an incredibly popular sport, and there is a lot to learn, especially in terms of the court itself. One of the biggest questions for amateurs is whether to opt for a single or a double court, and the truth is that there are several factors at play, so let's get into it.
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  10. Official Tennis Net Height Rules & Regulations


    As a world-renowned supplier of tennis nets and net posts to competitions including Wimbledon and clubs across the globe, we receive a lot of questions about tennis! One of the most common we hear is 'what are the official tennis net height rules and regulations?'. According to the International Tennis Federation (ITF) "the height of the net shall be 3 feet (0.914 m) at the centre where it shall be held down tightly by a strap". Although this is the standard regulation height of the centre of the net there are nuances

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