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Vinyl-Coated Polyester Headband Tennis Nets

Edwards Sports tennis nets are manufactured with a vinyl-coated polyester headband, which is excellent for use in high-wind conditions and won't sag when set up.

We manufacture our vinyl headband tennis nets to a professional standard, making them suitable for clubs and tournaments at all levels.

The polyester headband is coated in vinyl to provide extra strength and durability, preventing it from tearing or breaking during intense tennis matches. They'll last repeated use over many years and won't become damaged by weathering, either. The vinyl coating protects the net from UV deterioration, too.

These nets are also great for recreational training, as they can be easily set up in any outdoor or indoor environment.

Vinyl Headband Tennis Net Sizes

All of our tennis nets are made using either 2.5mm or 3mm netting, with double and quad-stitching headband options and standard singles and doubles lengths available.

Since we manufacture our nets in-house, we can offer custom net sizes should you require them. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Order your vinyl headband tennis nets online at Edwards Sports - the UK's leading supplier of tennis nets.



Why Choose Vinyl Coated Polyester Headband Tennis Nets?

Tennis nets with a vinyl-coated headband are perfect for prolonged use outside. The vinyl protects the net from UV deterioration, so it won't fade or become brittle. They also offer more strength than standard polyester headbands, withstanding more rigorous play and being less likely to tear or break.

How Are Vinyl Coated Polyester Headband Tennis Nets Made?

Edwards Sports vinyl headband tennis nets are manufactured here in the UK to a very high standard. The headbands are double or quad-stitched, and the plastic-coated headline uses a loop and pin method. Braided black mesh is used for the top and bottom of the net, ensuring that your tennis net will be extremely durable, long-lasting and fit for purpose.

What Other Headband Tennis Nets Do You Supply?

As well as our vinyl-coated polyester headband tennis nets, we manufacture and supply standard polyester and premium polyester headband nets. Our standard polyester headbands are a good budget option for schools and amateur clubs, whereas our premium polyester headband nets are out top-of-the-range option.