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Shop professional tennis court maintenance equipment for clubs, schools, and academies at Edwards Sports, suppliers of tennis products since 1884!

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Edwards Sports Tennis Nets

Edwards Sports tennis nets are world-renowned for their quality and heritage and are used at some of the sports’ best-known tennis training facilities and competitions, including the Wimbledon Championships.

All of our professional tennis nets are made at our Dorset factory using only the finest materials. Our tennis nets are suitable for all applications, from ‘club’ tennis nets for tennis clubs and schools through to our ‘championship’ professional tennis nets for competitions and academies.

Edwards Sports Club Tennis Nets

Our budget-friendly Club Tennis Nets are ideal for clubs, schools and recreational use and are made using high-strength, 2.5mm twisted polyethylene netting. The knotted 45mm mesh design adds strength and structure, with each knot hand-checked before the next stage of production.

We recommend buying this tennis net if you are on a budget and need a good quality, durable net and don’t require a heavier-duty Matchplay or Championship net that is made to withstand high-force shots and regular play.

Edwards Sports Matchplay Tennis Nets

The next level up from our Club nets is our Matchplay Tennis nets. If your club or venue hosts regular tournaments and requires a little more net for your money, then a matchplay tennis net is a style for you.

Our Matchplay nets are manufactured using high-strength 2.5mm twisted polyethylene netting and knotted 45mm mesh that can withstand the rigours of regular competitive play.

Edwards Sports Championship Tennis Nets

Edwards Championship Tennis Nets are our premium offering and are used by many of the world’s best tennis players at some of the sport’s most prestigious competitions, including Wimbledon.

If you require a top-of-the-range net that will not let you down, no matter how hard it is hit, then this is the one for you. With multiple choices of headline material, including vinyl and cotton, our Championship nets are always a hit with our customers.

Tennis Net Headband Material

Another important notable difference between our tennis nets is the headband material. We offer 3 different types of headband material to choose from when we make your tennis net. These are vinyl, polyester and premium polyester.

Vinyl Tennis Net Headbands

Vinyl headbands are a popular choice for school and club tennis nets as they are the most economical option. Although not as durable as our polyester or premium polyester headbands, they are still a good quality product that will give you many years of service. Plus, they are very easy to clean.

Polyester Tennis Net Headbands

If you choose a polyester headband for your tennis net, you are choosing a slightly more durable option than vinyl. Polyester is a strong synthetic fabric that can withstand UV rays, so it will not fade in the sun as vinyl can. It will also give your tennis nets a more professional look.

Premium Polyester Tennis Net Headbands

Our premium polyester headbands are the best quality headbands we offer and are the choice of many professional clubs and venues. They are made from high-quality polyester that is UV stabilised, so they will not fade in the sun. They are also very strong and durable, making them ideal for heavy-use situations.