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Are you looking for the best tennis posts for your court? Look no further than Edwards Sports! Our durable and long-lasting tennis posts are perfect for any court and come in a variety of styles. Read More

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Tennis posts are an essential part of a tennis court set-up, providing stability and support for the net. It's crucial that you choose the right posts for your court so that they can stand up to rigorous play and provide an enjoyable match.

At Edwards Sports, we offer a range of square tennis posts designed to meet the needs of all players.

Whether you're looking to refresh your tennis clubs set-up, or you're creating a new court entirely, we have the perfect tennis net posts for the job.

Heavy-Duty Tennis Posts

Our heavy-duty posts are created using steel for exceptional durability, powder coating for excellent rust protection, and a strong square design to ensure a secure fit.

The heavy-duty brass winder mechanism also ensures that the net is held securely in place, and the ground sockets are made to fit the posts.

Pickleball Posts

We also have posts for your pickleball nets and paddle tennis nets, all designed to meet the highest standards of strength and stability.

And if you prefer more traditional wooden tennis posts, our square centre court posts are made from solid hardwood, so they can stand up to even the toughest games.

They're great for a classic Wimbledon-like match!

Take a look through our range of square tennis posts now, and find the perfect fit for your court. From heavy-duty steel to traditional hardwood, we have everything you need for a great match.

Looking for a tennis net to go with your posts? Check out our range of tennis nets here to fit any court dimensions.


How far apart are tennis posts?

If you're setting up a new tennis court, it's important to get the dimensions right. The middle lines of posts must be spaced 42' apart for a doubles court and 33' apart for a singles court..

How do you install a tennis court post?

When installing your tennis court posts, make sure you use the correct ground sockets for a secure fit. Dig the holes to a depth that's enough to fit the sockets, and make sure they're level with each other. Fill the holes in with a cement mix to support the posts once they're in place.

What is a post in tennis?

A post in tennis is a metal or wooden pole that supports the net. The tennis nets are attached to the posts using a brass winder mechanism, and the posts are fixed firmly into the ground using sockets..