Tennis Post Sockets & Anchors

Tennis post anchors, caps and sockets

Tennis Post Sockets

Our tennis post sockets are made from high-grade steel for the utmost durability, and their unique design allows for a secure fit in the ground so you can focus on your game. We also stock anchors and caps. Read More

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Tennis Post Sockets & Anchors

Edwards Sports have a range of replacement tennis post sockets and anchors to match your court equipment.

We sell a variety of different sizes so you can find exactly what you need for your tennis posts.

Whether your court has round or square aluminium tennis posts, you can trust that our sockets and anchors will fit securely in the ground.

Tennis Post Ground Sockets

Tennis post ground sockets are used to provide a secure base for your tennis posts, while anchors are used for keeping the post in place.

Our square sockets are ideal for square post systems, while our round sockets are suitable for round tennis posts.

Tennis Post Socket Caps

And our tennis post socket caps are handy for keeping your post sockets from filling up with dirt and debris – ideal for keeping your tennis court neat and tidy!

Take your pick from our round or square ground sleeve sockets and anchors, and find the perfect match for your tennis post. And don't forget our socket caps!

Plus, you can shop our tennis posts here, so that you can have your court kitted out with the very best in quality and performance.


What size are the net posts on a tennis court?

Net posts for a tennis court come in different sizes depending on the size of your court. Generally, posts are 3.5 feet high to provide the perfect height for the net.

What is a tennis post socket?

A tennis post socket is a metal plate or cylinder that fits into the ground. The socket is then used to hold the post securely in place, ensuring it cannot move or become loose over time.

How do you fit a tennis post socket?

You will first need to prepare the ground for your socket. Mark out the shape of the hole and then dig it out, making sure it is level with the surrounding surface. Once this is done, you can place the socket into the hole and fill it in around the edges with soil or sand. Finally, insert the post into the socket and use anchors to secure it in place..

Do I need a cap for my tennis post socket?

Yes, you should always use a cap for your tennis post socket. The caps help keep the dirt and debris out, as well as protect the socket from corrosion.