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Padel Tennis Nets & Posts

Find the best padel tennis nets and posts for your facility from Edwards Sports! Our padel tennis equipment is brilliant for top-level, amateur, and recreational use, helping you create a court that looks professional and lasts for years. Order today and get your court set up in no time.

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Professional Padel Tennis Court Equipment

Here at Edwards Sports, we offer professional-level padel tennis nets and posts to help you set up your court and get game-ready.

We use top-quality materials and an expert manufacturing process to ensure our nets and posts can withstand the elements and heavy use.

They can be used on courts that host any level of play, from casual games at schools to competitive league matches. And because our equipment is long-lasting, it’s a very cost-effective option for your court.

Long-Lasting Padel Tennis Nets

Our padel tennis nets are made with durable, weather-resistant polyethylene that won’t degrade over time. They’re also very easy to set up on your posts and adjust, so you can quickly get your court ready for play.

Our Polyester Headband Net features a durable quad-stitched polyester headband, which is one of our most durable. It’s an attractive choice for professional courts since it’s so long-lasting, and it also looks great on any court.

We also offer a Vinyl Headband Net, which is more popular with schools and recreational padel clubs. At a lesser price, it’s still a great option for any court.

Our padel nets meet the official padel tennis net size requirements of 33' x 3', offering both loop and pin or loop and loop wire fixing options.

Heavy-Duty Steel Padel Net Posts

We also manufacture heavy-duty steel padel net posts, which can be used with our nets or your existing ones.

These posts have a brass winding mechanism and pulley to keep the net tight, are constructed from thick, powder-coated steel. They are designed for durability and can withstand heavy use on professional courts.

Order your padel court equipment direct online at Edwards Sports today!


Are Your Padel Nets Customisable?

Yes, our nets are customisable to meet the specific requirements of your padel tennis court. We offer custom logo or brand printing on the headbands to personalise your net for tournaments or events. Contact us for pricing information.

Do Your Padel Nets Meet LTA Regulation Standards?

Yes, all our padel nets are designed to meet or exceed Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) regulation standards, ensuring that your court complies with professional and tournament play requirements.

Can the Padel Posts Be Permanently Installed?

Our padel net posts are designed to be installed into the ground and are supplied with sockets with steel flip-top lids for when the posts aren't installed. Due to the quality of steel and powder coating, our posts can remain installed throughout the year.