Football Goals

Football Goals

Football Goals

Supply your club with the best football goals around from Edwards Sports. Our range includes full-size frames, portable goals and folding designs, all made from professional-quality steel and aluminium. Order yours today!

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  1. 60mm OD Aluminium folding goals
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  2. Goal Trolleys (set 4)
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Professional Football Goal Posts for Your Club

At Edwards Sports, we have a great variety of football goals available for purchase.

You'll find everything from freestanding goals to pop-up goals, all crafted with high-quality materials to ensure durability and stability.

Each type of goal comes in different sizes to accommodate regulations depending on the type of football you're playing, allowing you to choose the perfect goals for your team.

Full-Size Football Goals

For senior football, we have full-size football goals in both metal and aluminium construction. 

The football goal nets are strong enough to withstand repeated use and easily set up and taken down.

Portable Football Goals

Our portable football goals offer great value if you have a multi-purpose pitch or need to transport goals regularly. These lightweight goals have a strong aluminium frame that's easy enough to manoeuvre but still sturdy.

The portable goals come with puncture-proof wheels that can be wheeled on turf or hard surfaces, allowing you to position it wherever you need or store it away when it's not being used.

We also have foldable football goals that are excellent for schools or sports halls, as they are easy to store away and easy to pop up again.

Setting Up Your Football Goal

In addition to our football goal posts, we have all the fixings and accessories you need to secure your goal, including goal trolleys and plastic caps.

Buy Football Goals Online at Edwards Sports

Set up your football facility with the best football goals from Edwards Sports.

Order online today!


Is Aluminium or Steel Better for Football Goal Posts?

Both aluminium and steel offer great durability and strength for goal posts. Aluminium is lighter than steel, which is why this material works well for portable or pop-up goals.

Are All 11-a-Side Goal Posts the Same Size?

Typically, all senior 11-a-side goals are full-size at 24ft x 8ft.

Can These Football Goals Be Used in the Garden?

If you have enough space, you can certainly set up one of our football goals in your back garden. Consider setting up football ball-stop netting to prevent the football from leaving the perimeter of your garden or over into neighbouring gardens.