Tennis Court Lighting Solutions

According to the Lawn Tennis Association, tennis venues with floodlights have 50% more members and better retention levels. That’s why it’s important to choose the right tennis court lighting system for your facility!

If you're looking to attract talented players and encourage coaching and training at your tennis club, lighting your outdoor courts is clearly very important.

But how much does it cost? Do the advantages justify the investment?

Edwards Sports has everything you need to know about tennis lighting solutions and why they're a necessary addition to your court.

Main Advantages Of Tennis Lighting Installation

One of the main questions you'll want an answer to is why should I install light fixtures? Understanding the advantages of lighting your courts can help you decide whether it's the right choice for you.

Here are just a few:

Spectators Can See the Match Better

The most obvious advantage of installing lights is that spectators can see the match clearly, even if it's dark outside. This makes not only the players but also the viewers enjoy their experience at a professional level.

More Available Playing Hours

One of the main reasons why lighting is installed in courts is that it allows for more available playing hours. This means players can play even when it’s dark outside, making training and coaching easier and more convenient.

Think to those long Wimbledon matches that take until late in the evening – without lighting, these famous games wouldn't be possible!

Better Conditions for Coaching, Training and Competition

Lighting your courts also provides better conditions for coaching, training and competition. It eliminates shadows on the court and creates a more even playing surface, making it easier for players to improve their skills.

Increased Safety for Players

Eliminating shadows similarly means that players can see better during play. This increases their safety and reduces the risk of collisions and injuries.

Tennis Court Lighting Solutions

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Different Types of Tennis Court Lighting

There are so many different types of tennis lighting systems and fixtures available, all offering unique advantages and features. The system you choose will depend on the size and style of your court, as well as the amount of light you need.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is a popular option as it offers a higher return on investment than other types of lighting. It is also energy-efficient, long-lasting and offers a wide range of brightness options.

It also meets international standards for single-court and other tennis court lighting requirements. It's a very popular choice for lighting competition venues and larger courts due to its high brightness output.

LED lighting can even reduce energy costs by as much as 60% because they use less energy than other types of lighting, massively reducing your overheads and your club's energy consumption.

Halogen Lighting

Halogen lighting is ideal for recreational tennis players, particularly in smaller courts. It is energy-efficient and very bright, plus it's easy to install and a cost-effective option for lighting courts.

Metal Halide Lighting

Metal halide lighting is an older system that is still in use, but it is not as energy-efficient or bright as LED and halogen lighting.

Tennis Court Lights

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Choosing the Right Lighting Colour Temperature

To choose the right lighting for your tennis court, you need to consider colour temperature. This refers to the colour of your lighting. There's a wide debate about whether warmer or cooler lighting is more appropriate for high-level tennis.

A cool-white light is usually recommended, with a temperature of 5000k-6000k. Some courts do, however, require a warm light temperature of 2800k-3000k.

You should note that warmer lighting requires high energy levels to produce a similar brightness to cool lighting, so it's not always the cost-efficient option.

The Running Costs Of Tennis Court Lighting Systems

Installation of a single court lighting system starts at around £17,000. However, this is a guideline cost and working out the costs of a flood lighting system depends on a range of factors, such as:

  1. The standard required by the court
  2. The type of lighting system used
  3. The size and layout of the court
  4. The length of time you need to light up the court

More expensive lighting solutions may have a larger initial and installation cost, but their increased effectiveness is something to consider as it may save you money in the long run.

Maintaining Tennis Court Lighting

Lighting will inevitably require maintenance regularly to prevent damage or failure. There are a few tips for maintaining LED floodlights, including the regular changing of bulbs so that their internal mechanisms last longer.

You should also have the wiring and connections to your lights regularly checked and clean any dust accumulated in the fixtures. This can help to reduce the amount of power used and prevent overheating.

Tennis Court Night Lights

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The Roundup: Should You Light Up Your Tennis Courts?

It's easy to see why tennis court lighting is an important investment for your club. It increases the number of available playing hours and makes it easier for players to improve their skills in competition.

There are various types of tennis court lighting solutions available, with LED being the most popular. You should also consider the colour temperature of your lighting to make sure you get the best performance.

While it might seem like an expensive endeavour, it's definitely worth the investment! You'll be improving the safety, enjoyment and professionalism of your club, so it's a great choice for any tennis coach, player or facilities manager.

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How many lumens do I need to light a tennis court?

A tennis court used at a professional level typically has 8 lights, requiring 60,000 lumens. Due to the effectivity of LED lights, a lower wattage is necessary to achieve the ideal brightness levels for play.

Can you use sports field lights for a tennis court?

Yes! Sports field lights are suitable for use for an outdoor tennis court lighting design, provided you choose the correct wattage and colour temperature. LED lamps are preferred to sodium vapour floodlights for energy efficiency.

What colour lighting for a tennis court?

The optimal colour temperature for a lit tennis court is between 5000-6000k. Cool white lighting offers the best visibility, with less strain on players using anti-glare technology

What light source for a tennis court?

LED floodlights are the most effective lighting for outdoor tennis courts. They provide bright, uniform light with low energy consumption and better heat management than traditional bulbs.

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